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The Coffee Queen original brand is part of a complete series of classic filtered coffee machines.  Machines that for decades have earned a great reputation in top end hotels and other environments where guests demand a great tasting coffee.  These machines are built on proven technology that you can rely on and will be able to use for years and years to come.

Coffee Queen M2 / A2 with 1.8 litre Glass Jugs

This valued old favorite comes with manual or automatic water filling. The automatic, water connected coffee brewer has electronic time control. Its easy to regulate the brewing quantity on the front from  412 cups.  A signal indicates brewing is complete.  The coffee brewer has 2 hot plates and comes with two 1.8 litre glass jugs.

Coffee Queen Mega Gold Manual Brewer with 2.5 litre Thermos Dispensers

A manual thermos coffee brewer that brews directly into a practical 2.5 litre serving station equipped with a tap and level indicator. An economical solution that is perfect when you need to keep slightly larger quantities of coffee warm for hours, while also retaining its taste and aroma. Remove the serving station from the coffee brewer and position it where you want the coffee to be served. Simple and flexible you can continually build on the system by adding serving stations.  This is a manual water filling solution.


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Coffee Queen Original Cater Automatic Brewer with 2.5 litre Thermos Dispensers

A quick and flexible brewer that brews directly into an elegant 2.5 litre serving station (thermos) equipped with a tap and level indicator.  Available as a single or double brewer, the CATER, has been designed to fit into all environments and allows you to serve a great tasting coffee in as little as 6 minutes.

The CATER has automatic water filling, full and half brew funtions, a built-in in 5 litre water tank and a hot water tea outlet on the front of the machine.  The single CATER comes equipped with a 2.5 litre serving station and has a brewing capacity of 20 litres per hour.  The double CATER includes two 2.5 litre serving stations and has a brewing capacity of 40 litres per hour.  A water connection hose is also included with both units.  


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Coffee Queen Tower Automatic Brewer with 5 litre Thermos Dispensers

A fast, flexible bulk coffee brewer with a hot water outlet for tea. It features a digital display, full and half-brewing function as well as a signal to indicate when the coffee is ready. Brewing can take place on both sides simultaneously.  The brewer is plumbed in providing virtually unlimited hot water.

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