Onsite Equipment Service & Repairs


You need to know that your espresso equipment will not let you down!

We service and sell the following machine brands:


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Our Customer Service Includes


  • Delivery and installation of equipment by an espresso technician
  • On site staff training on equipment use and cleaning
  • Onsite repairs and preventative maintenance



What is a Preventative Maintenance Program


      Preventative maintenance involves servicing your equipment every six months or as required (upwards of 15kgs per week and every quarter would be appropriate).  A preventative maintenance service includes changing of the water filter, replacing seals and showers, general cleaning and testing.  Due to the harsh water conditions in the Central West it is advisable to change water filters every three to six months on commercial equipment to extend the life of the equipment and guarantee good tasting coffee. 

Domestic and Office Espresso Equipment - A comprehensive service every 12-15 months is recommended to ensure optimal performance and preserve the equipment.  This involves approximately two hours labour and includes a check of all working parts as well as replacement of seals and showers.  A descale of the boiler, group head and heat exchanger will also be performed.  We advise our customers to minimise scale build up by using the correct water.  See below for more details.

Water Matters


      It is very important to use the correct water filtration system with your coffee equipment.  The objective is to reduce the levels of sediment, chemicals and scale for optimum equipment performance, life and taste.  Scale can affect your boiler, pump, and any part of your coffee machine that is exposed to hot water.  P&N use quick release snap on filters with a high water flow ratio designed to reduce the build up of scale, extending the life of the machine and minimising breakdowns.  These filters can be used in-line with a plumbed-in coffee machine or simply used as an in-line filter for your tap in the house to pre-filter drinking water and water for the tank in your coffee machine.  Keep in mind commercial coffee machines require a minimum of 200 litres per hour of water supplied to them and that the water supply slows down when the filter starts to age.  Hence we only use a water filter that has a far greater water supply than what is needed (minimum supply required is 3.333 litres per minute).  We do not recommend Reverse Osmosis systems for use with a coffee machine as the 'pure' water may corrode the boiler, having said that, we are not water filtration experts so consult the professionals if you need more information on RO systems and coffee machines.  


Our Commitment to Our Customers


      To guarantee minimal equipment down time we provide Telephone Technical Support to our customers at no cost.  If a tech problem cannot be resolved over the phone and a P&N Technician is not going to be in your area within the next 24 hours we will arrange for a third party contractor (Espresso Tech, Plumber or Electrician) to provide repairs.  If your business is in a remote location and/or a third party contractor is unavailable we will provide a quote to send a P&N Technician to provide emergency repairs.  See below for details on our service fees policy.  

Service Fees


      A normal service will include a labour charge per hour, minimum of one hour, with half hour intervals after the first hour and any parts required.  We do not generally charge a callout fee prefering to incorporate service calls into our normal travel schedule.  A callout fee will only ever be charged in exceptional circumstances, for example, emergency repairs requiring a technican to travel to be onsite.  The callout rate will depend on the distance travelled.   

We know that you cannot operate without your equipment and are committed 
to ensuring our customers experience minimal down time


 Note: P&N uses third party contractors, when necessary, to guarantee service levels are met




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