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The Belaroma Coffee Roasting Company has been roasting in Sydney since the 1960s. P&N was appointed the Central West Distributor in 2004. We have been impressed with Belaroma Coffee, their commitment to coffee excellence and high level of customer service makes life very easy. What Belaroma promise is what they deliver:


Freshness - Guaranteed
(Coffee is packed within minutes of roasting which guarantees the freshness, flavour and aroma are unrivalled.  Belaroma prefer to pack in smaller sized bags 1kg and deliver them more frequently.

Consistency - Every Time This is where Belaroma's top of the range Italian Brambati Roaster rises to the occasion.  The first of its type in the Southern Hemisphere, this state of the art computerised technology ensures that the accuracy of temperature and the consitency of the roast profile are unsurpassed.

Quality - Assured  Before they're purchased and upon arrival, these exceptional beans are quality checked and checked again, and then double cleaned and screened, removing any impurities from the coffee.

Coffee from the Belaroma Coffee Roasting Company

The Belaroma Coffee Roasting Company produces a wide range of fine blends under the following brands:

elaroma  -  Gusto  -  Caffe Frienze  -  La Tazzina


The most long standing brand is Belaroma.  First produced in 1968, Belaroma blends have earned a reputation for great flavour and quality.  These are some of our best known and loved blends for both commercial and home use:

  • Belaroma Blend No 1
  • Belaroma Blend No 5 
  • Belaroma Blend No 10
  • Belaroma Blend No 25
  • Belaroma Retail Range: Classic, Espresso, Decaf, Organic



Fairtrade Organic

Belaroma's Fairtrade organic blend is one of the most complex Fairtrade coffees in the market.  It has depth and body not found in single origins and displays a sweet complexity and mouth feel that will delight the most stringent palate.


Sourcing: a combination of four certified organic fair trade coffees sourced from the premium growing areas of Columbia, Nicaragua, Timor and New Guinea. 


Born out of South America and developed and produced in Australia, Gusto embraces an energetic joy and brings you great coffee in three distinct blends:

  • Gusto Salida del Sol
  • Gusto Manana
  • Gusto ArleccinoGusto


Cafe Firenze

THE RENAISSANCE OF FLAVOUR:  Italian styling, Australian freshness.

Blended in the Italian style, with a rich full flavour that fills the mouth and provides rich, heavy mid palate tones.  Caffe Firenze provides a mid priced top quality coffee, in three beautiful blends:


  • Dante
  • Botticelli
  • Fillipo





La Tazzina


La Tazzina is a top quality espresso coffee available in two distinct blends that captures the heart of Italian bar life. La Tazzina blends are designed to provide great quality coffee across a wide variety of coffee styles that will delight the most discerning drinker.


  • Bar Blend - Trattoria
  • Bar Blend - Cafe





Belaroma Drinking Chocolate 


An exclusive blend of gently sweetened premium cocoa with subtle vanilla flavouring.  With its extra smooth deep chocolaty taste this is the way drinking chocolate should be.



 St Moritz White Chocolate


Belaroma has added white chocolate to its superb range of chocolate products.  This has a rich and satisfying flavour with excellent aftertaste.  Easy to make: make up in exactly the same way as Drinking Chocolate.

for an o

St Moritz Cappuccino Chocolate Sprinkle 

A cappuccino chocolate topping, more for decoration than taste it does not overpower the coffee flavour



Syrups by St Moritz 

Belaroma offer quality syrups from St Moritz, enabling cafes to give offer their customers a greater choice of drinks, both hot and cold.  St Moritz gourmet flavoured syrups come in 750ml bottles, and pumps for ease of use are available.


My Chai 

Belaroma's My Chai is an exciting addition to your menu - and a great drink to enjoy at home too!  Your customers will love hot spiced 
Chai in the winter months or on hot days they can enjoy an iced spiced chai.  It is simple and cost effective to make.  The mix is made from exotic ingredients including black tea, cardamon, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and cloves.  A great low caffine alternative!



Frappes by St Moritz - Keep your coffee sales in summer!

Customers can chill out with refreshing frappes.  They are particularly popular with coffee drinkers in the summer months.  

DaVinci Frappease supplied by Belaroma enables you to make a wide variety of delicious cool drinks quickly and simply.  The powder saves the need for milk, ice-cream and other expensive ingredients.  There is less wastage, no unsightly separation and its milk based for a naturally creamy taste! 



Chillout with Tropix 

Delicious chillout drinks are so easy to make with Belaroma's new Tropix liquid mix:


For non dairy chillouts, just add ice and water and blend. 
For a fruit smoothie, blend Tropix with the dairy product of your choice. 
Tropix is Australian made, from fruit sourced from a select number of Australian growers.
Each blend includes an infusion of botanical ingredients for mind and body such as Ginseng and Gingko Biloba.

They are available in three popular flavours:

  • Tripleberry (Blackberry, Blueberry, Bosenberry)
  • Tropical (Guava and Banana) 
  • Mango

 St Moritz 

Barista Tools

An extensive range of Barista tools and cleaning products is available.  Please call for a pricelist.

oma yrups by St Moritz 

verview of each blend please visit



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