Our Barista Training  

The most expensive espresso equipment and beans are only as good as the Barista using them. 

As Australia's coffee culture continues to grow, there is a firm focus on the Barista.  The availability of fresh, quality roasted product and state of the art espresso machinery brings the focus to how the coffee is made.  While taste is a very personal matter, when it comes to the perfect espresso, much responsibility lies in the hands of the Barista.

Our guarantee is that we will provide training on how to provide a consistent cup of coffee every time including :

  • Coffee freshness - what does this mean
  • The espresso machine & grinder and how they work
  • Key factors of  a good espresso extraction
  • Adjusting the dose and grind
  • Milk frothing & pouring
  • Variations of espresso 
  • Espresso machine maintenance
  • Grinder maintenance
  • The espresso coffee menu
  • Cleaning

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